Freeloading Billionaires?

                        While Warren was in Atlanta railing against "freeloading" billionaires, it seems that Mr. Gates was in Abu Dhabi, exploring ways to end the scourge of polio in the developing world.

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                        Gold Star Mom talks the value of freedom

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                        Maternal Mortality in Rural Communities

                        The Mercatus Center recently released a new report, “Promoting Maternal Health in Rural and Underserved Areas.”

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                        A new website will help you explore this question before taking on student-loan debt.

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                        New Jersey Considers Joining California in Battle Against Contract Work

                        Laws such as this pose a grave threat to the livelihoods and futures of many Americans.

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                        Pacific Legal Foundation Lawyer Zings California's "Woman Quota" On CNN's HLN

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                        IWF Reads: The War on History

                        Author Jarrett Stepman's new book "The War on History" shows why we must defend the historical figures and ideas that made America great.

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                        Debaters sidestepped Trump's success on economy

                        Via CNN

                        by Carrie Sheffield

                        Americans deserve debate moderators who focus on substance like this rather than partisan jockeying.

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                        How High School Seniors Would Divide Their Future Work-Family Life Might Surprise You

                        Via Institute for Family Studies

                        by Naomi Schaefer Riley

                        When it comes to gender roles and the way families manage the balance between work and raising kids, there is a big difference between what we think is fine for other people and what we would choose for ourselves.

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                        Jersey City’s Airbnb Crackdown Is A Christmas Gift For The Hotel Lobby

                        Via Daily Caller

                        by Patrice Lee Onwuka

                        Jersey City’s successful referendum to crack down on short-term rentals was a win for the hotel lobby and hotel workers unions, but a loss for women and families just looking to earn some extra income.

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                        Why aren't we taking violence against women more seriously?

                        Via The Hill

                        by Andrea Bottner

                        It’s been almost a year since the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) should have been reauthorized, but wasn’t.

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                        Reagan’s Berlin Wall strategy was simple and could work today: ‘We win, they lose’

                        Via Dallas News

                        by Claudia Rosett

                        Ronald Reagan made it his driving mission not to appease and accommodate the USSR, but to defeat it.

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                        Business Investment Surge Points to Trust in Strong Economy ? Making Money

                        Buttigieg Failing to Reach a Diverse Base of Voters ? Coast to Coast

                        Buttigieg still polls at zero among Blacks ? Rising


                        Why China poses an existential national security threat to America ? Secure Freedom Radio ? Listen >>>

                        A Global Response to Hong Kong’s Polytechnic University ? Secure Freedom Radio ? Listen >>>

                        Climate Change Shakedown: Whats Happening with ExxonMobil ? Bloomberg Radio ? Listen >>>


                        Conservative women matter, too

                        Via Valiant News

                        by Carrie L. Lukas

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                        Republicans and Democrats Offer Rival Plans Regarding the Future of Health Care in America

                        Via The Western Journal

                        by Hadley Heath

                        Republicans and Democrats are offering very different views on what America’s health care system should look like as the country heads into the 2020 election.

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                        Trump Administration Backs Away from Ban on Flavored E-Cigarette Products

                        Via The Federalist

                        by Julie Gunlock

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